Welcome to Wonder Rooms, a collaborative archival and data collection project that looks at the fissures in traditional museum structures by turning MoMI’s long-running exhibit Behind the Screen into a site of testimony and witness.

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This is a new media artwork by Mala Kumar, commissioned by Museum of the Moving Image through generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts (Media Arts Program).

Preview Slide for Nanook of the North, 1922


“A couple guests of the museum have mentioned how this film was created by a white male filmmaker and how this also relates to the film being staged. I'm intrigued and also disturbed how this type of documentary filmmaking others the subjects and creates a bizarre archeological point of view of a living community. Many documentary filmmakers now are contemplating what it means to document groups outside of one's communities and how important it is to make sure the community has a voice, be a part of the filmmaking process or be the director.” – Tiffany Joy Butler, Curatorial Assistant at Museum of the Moving Image

Tags: Film, Anthropology


The slide depicts a woman resting against a seated man. Both are dressed in fur. To the right of the image, the text reads, "Revillon Freres / Present / Nanook / of the / North / A story of life / and love in the / actual arctic. / Produced by / Robert J. Flaherty, / F.R.G.S."