Welcome to Wonder Rooms, a collaborative archival and data collection project that looks at the fissures in traditional museum structures by turning MoMI’s long-running exhibit Behind the Screen into a site of testimony and witness.

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This is a new media artwork by Mala Kumar, commissioned by Museum of the Moving Image through generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts (Media Arts Program).

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Lunch Box, c. 1973


Fat Albert has a complicated legacy. It was created by Bill Cosby and based on his childhood in inner city North Philadelphia, and although it was one of the only prominent kids' cartoon shows from the era with an all-black cast and was meant to teach important lessons to children, the show also perpetuated racial stereotypes that played into the same Black respectability politics that also featured prominently in Cosby’s comedy standup and speeches.

Tags: Television